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Birthdate:Aug 19
Location:Texas, United States of America
Now that you've stumbled into my little world of self-expression, feel free to call me Tiff or Tiffu...that's what I go by most of the time.

Journal is Friends-Only.

If you would like to be added, please consider my interests first. I will not add you simply becuase you want to be. We should have something in common, and I prefer those who are mature, intelligent, able to debate/discuss, and have a sense of humor. I am honest to the point of being blunt, and I do not sugar coat. I dispise stupidity and liars. I'm sarcastic, and passionate about my beliefs and those I care about.

My journal also may contain adult content, so I would prefer 18+, but if you are below that age and prove to be mature and able to handle such content, then I will consider adding you. I do use profanity, I do talk about sex, and I am not afraid to openly discuss things that people may find offensive.

I'm a wife and mother, former early childhood teacher, and current stay at home mom. My passions include baking, crafts and jewelry-making, singing, reading, writing, and teaching children. I have had adenomyosis/endometriosis and am getting over post-partum depression. I can be all of warm, creative, sweet, bitchy, angry, and sad. I am a person, and wish to be treated as such. Respect me, and I will respect you back.

I am madly in love with my husband and father of my child, Joe, who I met online and who was my best friend for five years before we realized our love for one another.
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